Mastering Customer Experience in Peoria: Navigating the "Everything Customer" in a Digital World

September 24, 2023

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by Brandon Stewart

Your Customers Have Evolved: Meet the "Everything Customer"

Listen up, entrepreneurs and business leaders in Peoria. Our digital age has birthed a new kind of consumer — the "everything customer." These are savvy individuals who demand not just quality service but a seamless experience, all while valuing their privacy. Gartner defines them as modern consumers expecting a seamless blend of technology and personalized service. Gartner's Take on Everything Customer

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How to Navigate Their Contradictory Needs

The "everything customer" is more than a marginal segment; it's fast becoming the norm. Here's what they expect:

  • Fair and equal treatment
  • A sense of uniqueness
  • Consistency coupled with occasional surprises
  • Quick solutions to their needs

From a local perspective, think of it as wanting a personalized experience at your Peoria store while demanding high-level security like that of international corporations.

Balancing Customer Experience and Privacy

Richard Corbridge, CIO of Boots UK, points out that top-notch service and stringent data security are no longer mutually exclusive. Boots UK Privacy Approach "It's an expectation that we can offer personalized service, while also keeping customer data secure," he says.

Embrace Multi-Experience Solutions

Dan Scheibenreif at Gartner talks about "multi-experience," referring to a brand experience that carries across multiple devices and platforms without losing momentum.

Harvard Business Review's extensive consumer study shows that a multi-experience approach actually benefits both businesses and consumers. HBR Omnichannel Studies

Three key steps to creating a multi-experience approach:

  1. Think like a designer.
  2. Understand your customer demographics.
  3. Design across multiple platforms.

Why Privacy Matters

Without solid privacy measures, all your design efforts go down the drain. This is especially crucial in the pandemic era where contactless transactions have become the norm. Solutions need to address both the demand for easy access and robust privacy measures.

Bottom Line

In this ever-evolving landscape, understanding and catering to your "everything customers" isn’t just a good idea, it's a business imperative. The winners in this game will be those who can effectively leverage technology and strategy to make their customers feel understood, appreciated, and most importantly, secure in their interactions.

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