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    Mindy Adams
    February 17, 2024

    Worst IHOP experience I've ever had. Ordering was difficult. Waitress didn't know what she was doing, was asking us what ingredients we wanted to use to make our food? We were asked when ordering an omelette how we wanted it done (easy, medium, well?) Husband ordered iced coffee and he got what tasted like brown water. Our son's pancakes didn't come with whipped cream and sprinkles like pictured. I ordered lemon ricotta berry French toast and got a piece of toast that had a thick layer of egg on the bottom with whipped cream and fruit syrup. There was maybe 2 berries and no lemon ricotta. It just tasted like scrambled eggs. Husband ordered an omelet and was asked if he wanted it made with pancake, she said that's how it's made? He told her he wanted an omelette with hash browns. She brought him more pancakes anyways. His omelette had nothing in it, just some stuff on top. Nothing tasted like food it was all blah. Save yourself, don't come here. Find someplace else. ANY place else.

    January 13, 2024

    Walked into the restaurant at 1pm. They had a dirty USED sponge sitting on the reception counter. Service was alright. Don't come past later than 6 because than they wait 20 minutes to sit you in a completely empty restaurant. Food always either tastes like washed dishes or nothing at all. The water always tastes likes they just scooped it right out of a fish tank. Dishes including knifes forks spoons glasses and even the coffee pourer is gross like it was not washed. Asked for chicken and waffles and got Nashville hot chicken. Do not recommend.

    Shruti Gour
    December 25, 2023

    Wait was very long for food and then it came in bits and pieces (One item at a time). Will not be place for quick meal for me. Also the vegetarian options are not great in tasting. Muffin and vegetarian sausage were like rubber. The picture shows "buttered toast" which was extra order ( not a side ). Literally like a spot of butter. Tomato soup should come with a cheese crisp...it came with melted blob of cheese over soup. No croutons so nothing crispy with it.

    Alec Burdick
    January 06, 2024

    Came at 1 AM on a Friday night. Google says 24 hours, there’s a big sign outside that says 24 hours Thursday-Saturday, and yet they were closed. I drove 20 minutes to get there just for it to be closed. Change your hours so people know when not to come here.

    Eddie Yates
    February 01, 2024

    We would have been happy to be able to eat here if it were actually open like the large sign on the front of the building said. 24 HOURS Thurs-Friday. We were in town for a softball tournament, and some of the games started later in the evening. Well, let me tell you that absolutely nothing is open in this area past 9pm... Which is why we went to the only place that said 24hrs. We showed up at the door around 1230, and the guy that came to the door says we're closed... They're only taking door dash orders. Weird. So we go back to our hotel, and we're all starving so we're determined to get some food. We search for restaurants open, and there's a place that has cheese steaks. Jackpot! So we thought... We ordered 3 cheesesteaks, 2 orders of chicken tenders with ranch, and a brownie. The brownie was $5. We hop in the truck, follow the directions to the restaurant... And find ourselves right back at the IHOP!!! The same place we were just told was closed a half hour earlier. There's NO ONE around, so there's no way other people who look exactly like us showed up 30 min prior trying to get some food, and it's inexplicable that the guy who answered the door couldn't have told us that we could order these funky microwaved sandwiches. Aside from the service, the sandwich was clearly just thrown in a microwave to be heated, the chicken tenders were hard and there was no sauce to be seen. There were some fries in a to go container big enough to fit a good size burger, but somehow there were maybe 8-10 fries in each container. Here's the kicker... The brownie was prepackaged like they just grabbed it from the gas station across the street. The bill for all this slop was about $100. I wouldn't go here again if it were free.


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