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    Mindy Adams
    February 17, 2024

    Worst IHOP experience I've ever had. Ordering was difficult. Waitress didn't know what she was doing, was asking us what ingredients we wanted to use to make our food? We were asked when ordering an omelette how we wanted it done (easy, medium, well?) Husband ordered iced coffee and he got what tasted like brown water. Our son's pancakes didn't come with whipped cream and sprinkles like pictured. I ordered lemon ricotta berry French toast and got a piece of toast that had a thick layer of egg on the bottom with whipped cream and fruit syrup. There was maybe 2 berries and no lemon ricotta. It just tasted like scrambled eggs. Husband ordered an omelet and was asked if he wanted it made with pancake, she said that's how it's made? He told her he wanted an omelette with hash browns. She brought him more pancakes anyways. His omelette had nothing in it, just some stuff on top. Nothing tasted like food it was all blah. Save yourself, don't come here. Find someplace else. ANY place else.

    Peoria Kid
    May 19, 2024

    Floor is disgusting and hasn't been cleaned in decades. Seats are cut open. Tables bend at an angle. The loud, obnoxious staff shout over you, play their cell phones at maximum volume, and scream non-stop. One of the staff showed up to work in a pulled up hoodie with a face mask on (not covid style, but balaclava style to commit crimes) in 80 degree weather. The food was alright, but then I went to the bathroom and saw the lone toilet in completely disgusting disarray. I went to wash my hands and saw the sink was equally disgusting. I knew this IHOP didn't have the best reputation, but this is a third world country disguised as a pancake dealer. Disgusting. Disappointing. Grossed out. Will not be back. The stark difference between this one and the one in East Peoria is crazy. Everyone here should be fired and management should be terminated as quickly as possible.

    charlotte ackermann
    July 19, 2024

    There was one employee in the front of the restaurant. He was seating guests, bussing tables and serving. He did a great job considering he was on his own. Very polite and did not complain or seem rushed. Once ordered, the food came out quickly and was good. He did a very good job of being attentive to all the customers. (I think he said his name was Corey).

    makayla willard
    February 22, 2024

    We got there around 9:40 today and it took her about 10minutes to get us our drinks didn’t get our food until 10:45, our server was awful she never checked on us not once. By the time we got our food it was all already super cold our toast was hard as a rock. We had to stop the lady who only had one other table at the time to get a refill one of us ordered the split decision and half his meal was brought to us after everyone was almost done eating. We also ordered toast that we had to ask for three times until we actually got it. Our 4 year old was the last person to get her food. The entire dine in experience was terrible, food was cold and not great, and the service was the worst I’ve ever had

    January 13, 2024

    Walked into the restaurant at 1pm. They had a dirty USED sponge sitting on the reception counter. Service was alright. Don't come past later than 6 because than they wait 20 minutes to sit you in a completely empty restaurant. Food always either tastes like washed dishes or nothing at all. The water always tastes likes they just scooped it right out of a fish tank. Dishes including knifes forks spoons glasses and even the coffee pourer is gross like it was not washed. Asked for chicken and waffles and got Nashville hot chicken. Do not recommend.


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    5012 N Big Hollow Rd, Peoria, IL 61615, USA

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